Increase Healing with Ozonated Dextrose Injections

Ozonated Dextrose Injections for Healing


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At RMI,  we pride ourselves on having the most up to date techniques and procedures available in regenerative medicine today.  As a result, Dr. Wellwood has created his own technique called Ozonated Dextrose Injections.  It is similar to Prolozone in that it is used for healing, but it combines ozone with perineural injections.  Where prolozone uses saline, lidocaine, b-complex as a carrier, then follow with ozone, Ozonated Dextrose uses B complex and 5% glucose solution with ozone. Therefore, you get maximum healing benefits in just one injection!

Everyone has a unique set of symptoms that may respond differently to a treatment.  That is why our doctors take time to work with you to determine the treatment plan for your specific case.

If you are experiencing pain that has not responded to other forms of treatment, Ozonated Dextrose may be the answer for you!



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