Pain Relief from Knee Osteoarthritis Symptoms with Ozonated Dextrose Injections

Pain Relief from Knee Osteoarthritis Symptoms with Ozonated Dextrose Injections

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What is Knee Osteoarthritis? 

The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body.  As a result, knee pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal complaint that brings people to their doctor.

Knee pain has a wide variety of specific causes; some from injury, others from degenerative conditions.  One type of degenerative knee condition is Osteoarthritis (OA).  It is an inflammatory degenerative disorder of the knee joint that is often painful.

OA is caused by the deterioration of the cartilage protecting the ends of the bones of the knee.  The joint fluid  in the knee loses its shock-absorbing qualities, and bones may begin to rub against each other.

Arthritis pain can begin suddenly, but it’s more likely to develop slowly.  At first, you may notice pain in the morning or after you’ve been inactive for a while.  Your knees may hurt when you climb stairs or stand up from a sitting position. It may hurt just to go for a walk, and can even wake you up from sleep.   Some people with arthritis say that damp weather or other changes in weather can bring on pain.

There are things you can do initially at home to bring some relief to your pain  You can rest the knee, apply, and try over-the-counter pain medicine. When these remedies don’t help, consult your doctor for other non-invasive treatment options.

Regenerative medicine techniques like Ozonated Dextrose treatments have proven to work to help lesson and even eliminate symptoms related to knee osteoarthritis.

If your symptoms have not gone away after trying a week of home remedies and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain meds, you should set up an appointment with your doctor, to further evaluate the pain.



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